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Master Cruz is assisted by a faculty of Senior Karate Instructors known as the SanTen Soke. Most of the Senior Instructors of the International SanTen Karate Association (ISKA), founded by Cruz Hanshi in 1979.


Cruz Hanshi and (some of) the SanTen Senseika. Left to right: Richard Rodriguez, Ashton Jardine, Jerry Fitzpatrick, Manuel Carrillo, Justin Butler, Robert Stevenson, Hanshi Vincent Cruz, Ricardo Llewelyn, Albert Aranda, Armando Jemmott, Bruce Clayton, Gilles Lavigne, and Gregorio Escobar. This photo was taken at the 2003 Sierra Camp.

SanTen is dedicated to promoting the principles of Martial Arts in all it's forms. SanTen is grateful to the lifelong research of Master Hidetaka Nishiyama, a karate legend in his own lifetime and Cruz's teacher for the last 50 years. For more information on the activities sponsored by the International SanTen Karate Association, visit our events page.

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